Pace at Sleeman Fitness Gym

WE’RE BACK, but things are a little different!

Pre-booked Gym Sessions and pre-booked Land-Based and Water-Based Classes are now available for Members Only.

New Members are now being accepted. Give us a call on 3131 9615 to find out more information and get started TODAY.  

Take a look at the class schedule here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to train you must be booked into a Gym Session or Class via mywellness. 

If you have an Active mywellness account with PACE you can book a GYM SESSION or book in for a CLASS by using the mywellness smartphone app.

Your other option is to call PACE reception on 07 3131 9615 and have a  staff member book you into a session.

It is FREE to use mywellness. It is included as part of your Pace Membership. If you do not have a mywellness account with PACE, or you are unsure, please contact PACE reception on 07 3131 9615.
Downloading mywellness
mywellness is available for both apple and android devices.


Follow these steps to book your training session via the mywellness app.

1. Call us on 313 9615 so we can add you as a contact on mywellness. You will then receive an email to set-up a mywellness account. 

2. Set-up your account then download the app and log in using your email address and password.


3. Open the App.

4. Under class schedule, select ‘See All'


5. Select the date you’d like to train, and scroll down to the ‘GYM SESSION’  or "CLASS" a time that suits you; then select book.



Please note: spaces are limited. If there are no spaces available for a particular timeslot you can opt to go on a waitlist and if someone deletes their booking you will receive a notification and can then book in.

Cancelling your booking

If you are unable to make a session that you have booked please go into the app and select “DELETE BOOKING” (or phone us if you have booked by phone).

Please by mindful of other members wanting to use our facilities and book only if you’re intending to train.


How long can I train for?

Gym Sessions run for 90 minutes. You do not have to arrive when the session time starts BUT you do need to leave when the session time finishes.

What does that mean for my membership fee?

Memberships recommenced on Monday, 6 July 2020.


Members who have an upfront pre-paid membership are not required to take any action. Your membership expiry date will be adjusted for the period of closure (March 23rd) up to 6 July 2020.


Members who pay via Direct Debit will have an adjusted amount debited from their allocated bank account on 15 July 2020 (corrected to factor in the days we were closed in relation to the monthly payment cycle). From 15 August 2020, payments will return to the usual amount/s.


If you’re not ready to return just yet we are offering an extended membership freeze until Sunday, 2 August 2020 upon request. If you opt for the extended pause on membership you will be unable to access our facilities until after the freeze. To request a freeze please send us an email ASAP.

What hygiene precautions are you taking?

Equipment will be cleaned every 90mins.

We will insisting that members wipe down equipment prior to and after using each piece of equipment with disinfectant and paper towel located at our Hygiene Stations.

Hand sanitiser is available at many Hygiene stations through the fitness centre.

Perspiration absorbing equipment such as yoga mats and foam mats have been removed from the gym.
Water fountains will be designated for water bottle refill only and a strict NO TOWEL = NO WORKOUT policy will apply.

Can I train with a friend?

To be able to train at the same time as another member you will both need to be booked into the same timeslot.

Social distancing and hygiene protocols must be maintained at all times. Sharing and swapping between equipment in between sets in not permitted.

You can book in a session for a family member who lives at the same household as you, however to do this you will need to call Pace reception. 

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Yoga mats, foam mats and any other surfaces or equipment that is capable of absorbing perspiration have been removed from the fitness centre and activities rooms.

We still have vinyl covered mats available but these must be cleaned prior to and after use by members. You are welcome to bring your own mat.

All members must bring a workout towel. No Towel = No Workout

Members will also need to bring along a water bottle. The water fountains will only be available to refill water bottles. You will not be able to drink directly from the fountain.

Can I use the bathroom/ toilets while I’m at PACE?

Toilets within the Fitness Centre are available and Showers & Toilets in the main change room area are now available for use.
Showers and Toilets within Brisbane Aquatic Centre are now also available for use.

We are working under the philosophy: GET IN. TRAIN. GET OUT.

So please come prepared for your workout and leave promptly following.

When can I do classes again?

A modified class timetable is currently available for existing members. Classes are bookable through the mywellness app following the instructions above.

What classes are on offer?

Take a look at the class schedule here. 

When will I be able to use the pool again?

The Brisbane Aquatic Centre is now OPEN. See "Daily Timetable" on the Sleeman Home Page for session times.

I'm not a currentPACE member - Can I join?

If you’ve recently been a member of PACE and would simply like to renew your membership as it has lapsed please give us a call or email us ASAP.


If you’ve never been a member of PACE before please fill out this enquiry form and one of our staff will contact you OR give us a call at Pace on 3131 9615.